Animation not working

Hello all,

I have been trying to animate my cubic model. Its a cube (of course) that parts pull out and pull up to create a building.

However it will not animate. I am supposed to keep the same position only moving the items out.
I did not appropriate my layers correctly, but the items that need to be grouped are grouped correctly.

When I created this model, does it matter that the layers are not accurate. If so, how do I go about fixing that without restarting all over?

Or Is there something else that is possibly wrong?

How about sharing the model here on the forum? You can upload the .skp file with the upload icon (7th from left )
In general, animation is done with scenes. The scenes remember things like styles, camera position, and layers, so it is important that you make good use of layers! Scenes can’t display actual tool-actions , like pulling out a face, however, you can suggest this effect by making different stadia of the cube evolving, making groups, which are on different layers and control visibility of these layers by the scenes.

Hi @afoster20 ,
I’m not sure but you probably won’t be able to do that with SketchUp native tools (not easily at least).

But you can achieve such result using Animator plugin by fredo6. (Download link)

Here is a quick demonstration from him:

thank you for your help! The issue was that my section tabs were not open at the top of my screen. I also had to go back and fix my groupings and layers to make it work right. There was a lot I created wrong, but its my first time using this so I didn’t know

Please note that, were I was speaking of using scenes for animating, you don’t actually change the model, you control visibilty and things like cameraposition.
The plugin @filibis is showing controls the components or groups actual position, rotation, scale by using vectorarrays of geotransformation, etc (using Ruby ) so the model itself changes!

Section tabs do not exist , they’re called Scene tabs. ( you could and should save a scene with each Section cut in your model , though )[quote=“afoster20, post:4, topic:43666”]
The issue was that my section tabs were not open at the top of my screen.

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