Simlab Soft plugin IFC importer

Last year, I purchased the Simlab Soft IFC importer plugin. It was an annual subscription purchase. Another reason to dislike software as subscription. It didn’t seem to work in the manner I wanted, so a month or two later, I cancelled the subscription.

I find just the other day that they billed me for the annual subscription fee, so I requested a cancellation of the software (for the 2nd time now) and to refund my money.

I receive an email that they cannot / will not refund my money for the cancelled subscription. I sent them a screen shot of the cancellation confirmation, but still, they won’t refund my money.

I have disputed the transaction with my bank, so I’m sure it will be resolved as I need.

But, obviously, Simlab is a disreputable company. I would advise staying away from any of their plugins.

UPDATE: The Simlab Soft rep finally discovered and confirmed that I’d canceled my subscription last year, as I’d tried to tell her. They have refunded my sub cost. I’m happy to report that they did the right thing.

Well, this is good. However, you have still left the slander in your opening post.

then delete it, Dan, if you think that more appropriate than the “Solution” I added. I don’t have the ability to do so as the OP.

You DO have the ability to edit your OWN posts. It is the pencil icon.