Silently install plugins

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We have to install sketchup on multiple computers and on each, we have 6 plugins to install. Is there any way to silently install plugins from cmd ?
We found that it is possible for some plugins to be copied in the plugins folder, but it seems to be a method prone to problems…


It is really depends on the Extension (plugin) itself. Are you able to name (and provide a link) that 6 plugins, or these are top secret in your organization?

Usually the Extension come as .rbz file, witch is actually a .zip file, so you need to rename it to .zip and unzip its content to the Plugin folder:
c:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\Plugins\
That usually should work. (However, there may be some license issues if the extension requires a license)

If the extension have its own installer (.exe or .msi… whatever) you may need to contact to the developer of that specific Extension…


Here is the list :

  • SUPodium → it needs a licence and the only way to activate it seems to be in the extension manager. Also according to their documention it is not recommended putting files directly in the folder…
  • Podium Browser 2022
  • Pro Walker
  • Enscape → a .MSI is available, so we should be good

The two others are not yet decided. I was just worried that unzipping the file directly in the plugins folder would not be enough to fully install it and prevent errors.

Also, is there a computer wide folder instead of copying it in the appdata\roaming of users ?

Well, don’t have experience with these Podium products, better to contact to them.
For the .rbz files my previous post still apply.

For example 3Dconnexion is installing SpaceMouse driver Extension to :
c:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\Plugins\
You may try it too.
(Perhaps the last on a path: Plugins does not exist default, so you may need to create it)

It depends upon where the extension is programmed to save user settings.

Normally this is in the extensions subfolder that is in the User %AppData% path, so each user’s settings are separate. If the extension does not expect to be installed into %ProgramData%, then each user may be overwriting the previous user’s settings. (The next user to use SketchUp may find it strange that their settings are not the same as when they last used the extension.)

The other thing that can happen is that the extension will not be able to save settings if the user does not have write permissions upon where the extension was installed.

So, in summary, the extension must have been written to allow the extension to be installed in %ProgramData% path, but agile in where it will save each user’s settings (ie, in the User’s %AppData% path.)


Thanks Everyone!

Prowalker GPU
Podium Walker

All of them are working great after using @dezmo’s solution. I changed the extension unzipped their content to the Plugin folder.
For the licences, we had to enter them manually…

Enscape sent us a .MSI after purchasing the licence. A simple -qn worked.

Finally, we installed su_podium with a /VERYSILENT

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