In which folder do i need to put the plugin?

can anyone help me with the installation of the plugin in witch folder do i need to put the plugin??

It is recommended that you add your extensions (previously known as plugins) through Extensions Manager. Though you can add your extension here:

C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Plugins

Please see the link below before you add them manually.

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You don’t normally need to ‘put’ anything into a folder.

In very old versions of SketchUp there was a Plugins folder inside the Program Files SketchUp subfolder.
This had all sorts of issues with security permissions etc.
So in all more recent SketchUp versions it creates your own user Plugins folder in the AppData folder path [on PCs].

You don’t normally need to access this folder directly [it is actually a hidden folder by default].

Almost all Extensions/Plugins mow come packaged in an RBZ archive format.
These are installed using the SketchUp menu item Window > Extensions Manager, ‘Install…’ red-button.
Pre-2017 this installer’s location was in Window > Preferences > Extensions, ‘Install…’ gray-button
Find the RBZ and then this installer extracts the various files and subfolders needed by the Extension/Plugin and puts them properly into your Plugins folder…

Manually installing / copying plugins is a recipe for disaster, e.g. when you miss out some vital file etc.

Rarely you might have a collection of files etc in a ZIP archive - you can convert that into an RBZ by appending .rbz onto the very end of the file name - then it installs in the standard way.

If you have a lone .rb file [e.g. you are writing your own Ruby code] then you will need to access your Plugins folder to add it.
It that case use this snippet in the Ruby Console + [enter] to open that folder…



To clarify…
If I have an extension in ZIP format, e.g.,, if in fact I append .rbz, I’ll wind up with Is that correct, or should I replace the .zip with .rbz, e.g., extension.rbz?

Generally it would be replace, or rename to .rbz. So extension.rbz
But it begs the question what is it and why is it a .zip?
It may be too old for the current version or be something you don’t want to install.

It’s VsDottedLine, and it’s a .zip because that’s what I understood of the options he gave for download. There may have been a Ruby-packaged version as well; I’ll check.

There is an .rbz, buried a little deeper in the github verbiage. Thanks for the help.

But my version of Sketchup doesn’t provide for the installation of extensions via Window->Preferences (there is no Extensions option). So, can I just unzip the .zip file and copy the .rb files into my user.AppData.Roaming.SketchUp.Sketchup17.SketchUp.Plugins folder? I think it’s more complicated than that… there’s no obvious way to associate the .rb’s with the plugin name.

Window> extension manager

Duh. I should have kept looking past Preferences. Thanks. It’s installed and working, although it looks like once the line is dotted, it’s no longer considered a line. That’s either a feature or a bug, I suppose.

That extension just creates a string of little short edge segments. That’s not a bug. It’s just the way it works.

Thanks again. Another rock to know the location of :).