I can't find the Application Support/... to install old extensions


Hi, i’ve been searching high and low how to install a .rb extension file on a Mac. I found it’s supposed to be in the Library > Application Support > SketchUp 2015 > SketchUp > Plugins folder but it dosent seem to exist on my computer. I tired to find it with the Go search engine but it can never find that folder. It says that i does not exist.
The extensions i’m trying to install are not available in .rbx formats and will not install trough the preference/extensions menu.

Is there any other way to install those extensions or to find the folder?



First, I presume you realize the Plugins folder is under your user home: /Users/your name/Library/… (aka ~/Library) not the system level /Library…? Second, on recent releases of Mac OS X ~/Library is hidden by default in Finder. You can get to it via the Finder Go->Go To Folder menu item or its shortcut shift-command-G, but you need to give the correct path. If you have installed SketchUp 2015, the Plugins folder will be there!


You can make a .rb into a .zip then change extension to .rbz and you are then able to use the install extension button in preferences.


Installing Ruby Plugins (Extensions) — SketchUp Help


Hi all. I followed Box’s solution to the problem and it worked. I had exactly the same problem as Mylene. I still can’t find the plugins folder for sketch up 2015 despite trying loads of stuff but Box’s solution worked so that’s great. Thanks very much.