I can't find the Application Support/... to install old extensions

Hi, i’ve been searching high and low how to install a .rb extension file on a Mac. I found it’s supposed to be in the Library > Application Support > SketchUp 2015 > SketchUp > Plugins folder but it dosent seem to exist on my computer. I tired to find it with the Go search engine but it can never find that folder. It says that i does not exist.
The extensions i’m trying to install are not available in .rbx formats and will not install trough the preference/extensions menu.

Is there any other way to install those extensions or to find the folder?


First, I presume you realize the Plugins folder is under your user home: /Users/your name/Library/… (aka ~/Library) not the system level /Library…? Second, on recent releases of Mac OS X ~/Library is hidden by default in Finder. You can get to it via the Finder Go->Go To Folder menu item or its shortcut shift-command-G, but you need to give the correct path. If you have installed SketchUp 2015, the Plugins folder will be there!

You can make a .rb into a .zip then change extension to .rbz and you are then able to use the install extension button in preferences.

Installing Ruby Plugins (Extensions) — SketchUp Help

Hi all. I followed Box’s solution to the problem and it worked. I had exactly the same problem as Mylene. I still can’t find the plugins folder for sketch up 2015 despite trying loads of stuff but Box’s solution worked so that’s great. Thanks very much.

I cant get that to work plz help

It’s a three-step process:

  1. Use a zip utility to create an archive containing the extension’s .rb file. By default, most zip utilities let you specify a file name and give it a .zip extension
  2. Change the extension of the archive from .zip to .rbz
  3. Open the SketchUp extension manager window, click the install extension button, and choose your .rbz file in the dialog that pops up.

#SelectionHideShow.rbz.zip (1.2 KB)
that is want i did here and i cant get it to work

To be seen as an appropriate archive file it must END with “.rbz”
Your file still ENDS with “.zip”
Putting the “.rbz” into the middle of its name will NOT work !
So… rename the file properly and retry…