Cant find SketchUp 2014 in MacHD/Library/Application Support/

I have recently installed SketchUp on my Apple. Ive down loaded it and dragged it to the application folder as instructed. Now that I’m trying to install plug ins i can’t find sketchUp in my MacHD/Library/Application Support/.
I can see it in my applications and I can use it,

Help please,
Thank you in advance

You shouldn’t normally need to find the plugins folder these days. Most plugins can be installed directly via the Extension Warehouse, The Sketchucation Plugin Store or by using the Install Extension option in Preferences.
It is not recommended to install old plugins, get new versions because most have been updated to work with the new Ruby system.

Having said that you can try this to find your folder.

Mac OS X - the default location is:
Version 2013 and newer: Open a new Finder window, press and hold the Option key on your keyboard, the click Go in the menu bar > Library > Application Support > SketchUp # > SketchUp > Plugins

Hi Box, thank you so much for your help. Im trying to install kerkythea. Ive tried to get it from the extension warehouse with no luck. Can you please please provide me with more details about finding default location. I could find the Go in the menu bar (I’m pretty slow when it comes to installing software ;-(

you skipped a step then…

step 1 → Open a new Finder window (click on the finder icon in the dock. doing that will open a new finder window)
step 2 → Click on the Go menu at the top of the screen
step 3 → press and hold the Option key on your keyboard.
step 4 → when you do that :point_up_2: you’ll see an item “Library” appear in the menu… click on Library
step 5 → Now navigate further: Application Support/ SketchUp 2014/ SketchUp/ PlugIns

Got it, Thank you!!!
You are awesome

Glad you got it sorted with Jeff’s always excellent help.
But as a side note, the Kerkythea plugins downloads as a .zip file.
If you have one of them in future you can rename the .zip to .rbz and use the install extension option from within sketchup’s preferences to correctly install it. That way it unzips the folder and extracts the contents to the correct locations without you having to worry that you put everything where it should go.