Plugins and Ruby consol?

SU make 2014 installed = OK
But where is the plugins folder ?
And how to use Ruby console ?
Not same as SU 2013 ?
(Not cool)

You should use the extension warehouse or the pluginstore to install plugins. You don’t need to know where the plugin folder is.

Ruby console is the same as in earlier versions.

Window > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension…

Check out this tutorial to learn how to install and manage extensions!


All of the previous advice is very good.
If you use the ‘installer’ on an RBZ for its intended purpose… then you rarely need to know where your Plugins folder is…
BUT, if you really must…
Then open the Ruby Console and use this line of code + ‘enter’ to open your default user’s Plugins folder…


This works is any version of Sketchup…

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