No plugin folder

I just replaced my SU 8 with SU 2014 and want to install some of the scripts and rubies I had in 8. However, I can’t find the Plugin folder. It’s not under the Programs/SU 2014 folder.


It has been relocated the a new folder under your user account on Windows. (I assume you’re on Windows.)

However, in SU2014 we updated the Ruby interpreter from 1.8 to 2.0 and that cause a number of extensions to not work any more without modifications. Most extensions are up to date and will work fine, but there are a few still lingering that doesn’t work.

I would generally recommend fresh installation to ensure you get the up to date version. If you install via Extension Warehouse it make the process easier and it will make sure your extensions are up to date.

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Thanks, I looked through my USERS folders but couldn’t readily identify any likely Plugin candidate. I did a search for PLUGINS and found a likely one in: C:\Users\Ronald\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\SketchUp.

Is this it? If so, can I move it to someplace easier to get to?

I do use Windows 7.


That is it. You see that path described in the Help article I linked to in the previous post.

You cannot move it, but you can for instance add it to the favourite bar for easy access - that’s what I do:


google sketchup plugins in 2014 is located in the user> mycomputer> appdata> ROAMING> SketchUp> SketchUp 2014> SketchUp> Plugins
may be useful, greetings …

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Of course ‘google’ disappeared from ‘SketchUp’ loooong ago…

Back to the question…
You will rarely need to look into your default Plugins folder…
If you install using the Preferences > Extensions > Install… button for RBZ files no need.
If you use the SketchUcation PluginStore dialog AutoInstall button… no need.
If you want to install from ZIP [or RBZ] using SketchUcation Installer then no need.
If you have the SketchUcation Toolset installed its appropriate submenu item will also open your default Plugins folder.

It is recommended that you do NOT simply copy Plugins from an older SketchUp version.
Because SketchUp v2014 uses a new version of Ruby most Plugins were recast to suit that version AND earlier versions too.
Copying files over can cause loading issues, and of course you might miss out vita subfolders of helper files too !
Get the latest versions of your Plugins from the Extension Warehouse, or where appropriate the SketchUcation PluginStore,Smustard, the original author etc…
A great proportion of Plugins now work in v2014 IF you have the latest version…

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