Ruby console and extensions

I am new to sketchup use. I am looking at new plugins to use from various videos but when I try to download them, the ruby api comes into play and I am completely ignorant to this part of the application. Can anyone help me or direct me to see how to learn more about this in able to just download the plugins for use? I currently have no use for writing my own plugins or code. Up to this point I have used everything natively in sketchup 2015.

I have watched a few videos and attempted to perform same tasks for importing without success.


draw helix does not belong there…

in fact NO .rb should be put in there, it’s a folder for SU’s own .plugin files which are completely different things…

remove it now…

then, search the web for the .rbz version of draw helix and instal it with the ‘add extension’ button


Here’s Knowledge Base article on installing extensions:

You shouldn’t need to know/think/worry about the Ruby API. If you just want to use plugins, it’s best if you just do the automated install through Window → Extension Warehouse.

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