Using add ons Ruby Library before buying


can i use this add on while trying sketchup out?? I have not paid for anything yet…


Yes. Unless they try to use Pro-only features (mainly solid tools), there is no difference between extensions for Make vs for Pro.


Cant get it working.


We’ll need somewhat more from you than that. :unamused:
Please help us to help you…
There are many SketchUp related Ruby tutorials and example scripts around…
So tell us what you are trying to do, and hopefully we can help you with what you need / want…
If you want to use additional functions available from the shipped Ruby library you’ll need to ‘require’ them, so that they load.
The native SketchUp methods etc auto-load with SketchUp…

Also this’d be better discussed in a sub-forum relating to plugins/developers…


for some reason i can’t download the dmg file for Ruby… where do i find


Huh? SketchUp comes with its own Ruby Framework as part of the package. There is no need or reason to try to install it separately (and Ruby comes as part of OS X anyway…). Do you really have the faintest idea what you are doing?


and the house builder plug in i want to use… Is not there!


Nasty language and gratuitous insults really aren’t appreciated on this forum. Please read the terms of use.

That said, clearly you do not know what you are talking about. Please bother to read up about what SketchUp is and what Ruby extensions for SketchUp are.


Not where? Having problems installing the extension?
(May a link to the extension itself? Would help so we know exactly which one.)

It’s easier to help if you are a bit more descriptive in regard to what your issue is. It’s hard to guess what you want to achieve, what you experience instead of expected results and what you have done so far.


[quote=“terrydelrio, post:8, topic:9914, full:true”]
and the house builder plug in i want to use… Is not there!
[/quote] Your post started off sounding like you wanted to do something WITH Ruby - like write a new utility.
Now it seems that you simply want to install/use a Plugin [aka an Extension].
SketchUp arrives with some base Extensions pre-installed, but all others need to be found and installed before you can use them.
Most Extensions/Plugins now come as an RBZ archive which can be downloaded, and then installed using the SketchUp > Preferences > Extensions > Install button… [These RBZs are readily available form the ExtensionWarehouse or the SCF PluginStore]
Alternatively the Extension/Plugin can be auto-installed from within SketchUp itself using the ExtensionWareHouse tool or the SketchUcation PluginStore toolset… This way you do not need to download the RBZ, it is done in the background for you.
Installed files load as SketchUp starts.

Many tools were rewritten when SketchUp v2014 arrived using the newer Ruby version, so older tools, e.g. those shipped as ZIP files might not work in newer SketchUp versions. You can make a ZIP into an RBZ by simply changing its file-type suffix to .rbz and then use the ‘Install…’ button [SCF’s toolset actually installs directly from ZIP if needed]
If you have a lone RB file you can first ZIP it, then proceed as with a ZIP/RBZ file.
Manually placing files in the Plugins folder is NOT recommended.

You mentioned House Builder.
There are two versions - an original imperial [’/"] and a metric version.
The original is ~10 years old !
Here are links to them - the latest versions - you need to join SCF [free] to download them…
Metric: [I just added an RBZ version for ease of installation]
Imperial: [as RBZ]

PS: I think you are on a MAC, so please ensure your Safari/Decompression app’s settings do NOT extra the contents of any ZIP as it downloads it - the ‘archive’ must remain intact.


TIG, do you know where these settings are? I can’t find any such thing…and have never had a downloaded zip automatically extracted.


Safari-> Preferences-> General


Thanks Jeff! I never would have guessed that included unzipping archives!


you have to read the fine print :smile:
but yeah, i use the preference personally… i can’t even remember if it’s a default setting but i know i always have the box ticked.


Crud! Gotta get new glasses! I have that box unchecked because in my Windows days I came to distrust auto-opening downloads :worried: