Plugins from Ruby Library Depot

I have SketchUp Make version 16.9.19912 64 bit. And I’m trying to install the House Builder plugin from Ruby Library Depot. They say to put it in the Plugin folder but I don’t have a Plugin folder. So where do I install it?

SketchUp 16.9… Hmmmm…

You do have a Plugins folder but you shouldn’t need direct access to it. You also do not want the Housebuilder Extension from the Ruby Library because it hasn’t been updated to work with newer versions of SketchUp. Instead, get it from Sketchucation where it has been updated. I’ll dredge up the link momentarily.

Edit here is the link to where you can download the imperial version and the metric version here.

Download the RBZ file and pay attention to where it gets saved. Then open SketchUp and go to Window>Preferences>Extensions. Click on Install Extension… navigate to and select the Housebuilder RBZ file. Click Open and the affirmative answers to the following questions. In Preferences>Extensions make sure the Housebuilder extension is enabled with a check in its box. You should be able to open the extensions toolbar under View>Toolbars. If not, close SketchUp and reopen it. Then check for the toolbar.