Sketchup Diffusion - silent install?

Is there a way to install Sketchup Diffusion remotely?

Our end users are logged on as non-admins .
We can create jobs to run as system .

Can we just place the .rb file to the common pluigins folder? progdata?

I would say yes, most likely :

When a new version of sketchup is released, there are two path to transferring the plugins :

  • reinstalling
  • copying the plugin folder from the old to the new and hoping it’s all fine.

Therefore, transferring a single plugin should be ok, or at least it’s worth trying.

but not just the .rb file, there is a folder as well (here is a mac screenshot, I checked on my PC too, but I’m on the forum via the mac so… trust me on this :slight_smile: )

Capture d’écran 2024-01-30 à 10.02.07

so yeah, before poking around with ruby scripts, I would probably start there, see if copying both elements from one to another works fine - it should - and if so, off you go.

SketchUp itself will have permissions over its own folders (otherwise it doesn’t work properly) , users should be able to install things from extension warehouse themselves.

very few plugins are MSIs are executables.

Yes SketchUp will load extensions from the common %ProgramData% “Plugins” path, IF there is a “Plugins” folder there with extensions.

You may need to create a “Plugins” folder in that path. The SketchUp installer does not create this folder.

The RBZ file is really is Zip archive. You can open it with Windows or WinZip or PKZIp etc. and extract the "su_diffusion" folder and the "su_diffusion.rb" file to the %ProgramData% “Plugins” folder.

Afterward, any user that logs onto that workstation and starts SketchUp will be able to use the Diffusion extension.

Repeat the process with all workstations.