How to install .rb plugin in 2016 SU

A New plugin for all 3D software direct copy paste. The plugin share to almost all 3d software just copy and paste. In the list of sketchup the plugin is in .rb how can i install the .rb in 2016 SU. And how it works with Sketchup and Blender


Video how it works

Your topic title and post content doesn’t seem to relate???

The link provided in that list of software. In Sketchup plugin there is .rb file and how can i install .rb in 2016 that i mean

it is not a plugin, it’s a script, and it plainly states…

Copy the contents of the paste script into the Ruby Console Window in Sketchup


As it is written, you can’t. The GitHub repository contains a simple script meant to be run by copy and paste into the SketchUp Ruby Console. It needs additional work to make it into a plugin.

Also, do you understand that you must have already installed the app/extension in some other 3D modeler and created the data file this Ruby will import into SketchUp?

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