Side Section View of a panel

Hi guys, I have to create a “side section view” of a panel, and the one I produced isn’t it, can anyone help please?

Was it drawn in Sketchup? Did you draw it in the plane it is meant to be (ie. if it were a door, did you draw it using the red and blue axes)? If the answer is yes to both, you can use standard views to see front, back, and each side (and top if you like). Looks like you might want to use Parallel projection too.

It’s hard to tell from your image exactly what the profile should be but as the notes in red indicate, you need to set the scale for the detail in the circle at a larger scale. The side view of the panel should be next to the front view, too. Maybe something like this. The frame profile is surely not right and there’s more that could be done such as adding hatching to the section cut. The colored views may not be wanted butI just showed those as options.