Showing Material in hidden line mode

I want to show a real material on one of the objects intentionally in the hidden line mode is it possible?

No. It’s all or nothing for scene settings. You could do a composite image with a couple of image exports or with stacked viewports in LayOut.

A quick example in LayOut:

You could remove the materials from the rest of the model or use FredoGhost from Sketchucation to do that.

Relying on a bug as part of your workflow might work but is probably not a great idea for the long term. If they fix the bug you’ll have problems. We’ve seen quite a lot of that already since the clipping bug fix.

yeah, wasnt sure if i should ‘cross-post’ it.
Just found it kinda funny one problem could be a solution for another…

Yeah. Interesting idea. Probably not good from a future-proof point of view, though.

It’s gone :wink:

No need to do that.