Showing and hiding openings in walls

Drawing small remodel - need to show option for opening in a wall.
Draw the walls, push/ pull them up to height, cut windows and doors and group.
Edit the group, cut the opening…here is where I am lost.

How do I move the opening to another ‘tag’? or hide and unhide the opening?
Thanks in advance

First, you don’t move anything to a tag. You give tags to objects (components and groups).

The simplest way to show the wall with and without the opening would be to model two different wall groups and then assign the appropriate tag to each one so you can choose which one is displayed in a given scene.
Here’s another possibility for being able to show a wall with and without an opening although it is a bit more involved.

I’ve created three tags and three groups.

The wall. I’ve hidden the faces and surround edges in this group.

Before hiding them I copied those faces and edges and made a separate group.

and the plug. For the plug I hide the edges and the sides of the plug so they won’t bleed through when shown in place.

With all three tags marked as visible you get the outline of the opening indicated on the wall.

But with the opening outline tag turned off, it looks like a solid wall

And with the plug tag turned off and the opening outline tag turned on it looks like an opening.


thank you Dave - I had considered the second wall option - just thought there may be a simpler way without creating the new wall. It is simple enough and does the trick quickly.

I am still transitioning my thoughts from moving something to a layer…and that is just how I think of tags.
Your quick response is so appreciated!

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