Quick Flip Between Seen/Hidden Groups

Apologies, I’ve tried searching but I’m not entirely sure of applicable search terms. I’m a n00b but managed to figure out how to put together a fairly solid scale model of my house. Learned the instrument without learning how to read the sheet music so to speak. I am looking at different options re: renovation. I am trying to figure out if there is an option like Scenes but that snaps to a predetermined set of visible/hidden groups? I have a meeting with an architect on Thursday. I’d like to pre-save various different configurations and then quickly flip between them to contrast the differences.

Thanks in advance and please let me know if more info is needed to understand/address my question.

You should be using Tags and Scenes for this.

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Definitely use tags and scenes… but if you are not confident or lack time with that at least make a copy of your file and edit that to show the variation… you can have two Sketchup files open at the same time and flip between them…

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You seem to be using Outliner to control visibility. Outliner lists the various groups and section cuts in a drawing and can be used your way. You can also create scenes that keep Outliner visibility settings.

It is more usual to use Tags to control visibility. Tags allow you to categorize Groups and Components. So you might have one called Windows and you assign that to each window group you have. Then you can turn off all windows in one go. Scenes will keep visibility settings.

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