Show sketchup model in a browser without using any third party and communicate with the model

Is There any way I can show a sketchup 3d model in browser without using any third party viewer like 3d warehouse or sketchfab. Also how can I communicate with 3d model like on the click event on any components i can make annotations.Any suggestion or reference regarding this issue will be appreciated.I am using reactjs right now with the embedded link of 3d warehouse to show the model.

But you cannot “click” on components AFAIK, using the 3DW viewer.

The click tool is part of the DC extension, which is a Ruby extension that relies upon the SketchUp Ruby API. So it only works within desktop SketchUp. (But ask in the Viewer category to be sure.)

Your only route is to export the model to another format, and use another viewer.
There is a glTF export extension, and their are free glTF viewers out there on there on the web.