Can I view SketchUp models in a browser?

We are using Sketchup to create models of buildings and would like to allow them to be viewed via a browser. Is this possible?

Yes, upload to 3dwarehouse, and share (see the embed code for a WebGL view of the model, or an image-based rotation for non-WebGL enabled browsers).

Is there a way without uploading to 3DWH?

I believe you can open a desktop created model in the free browser version. I’m a little unsure if you have to save back to 2017 to do that.

There are also the viewer apps for both computers and iOS. I use the one on iOS on an iPad G6, though it’s a bit taxed by complex models.

Four years later I would ask the question clearly in it’s own thread.

Sorry for the meta question, but I’m curious why? I find it interesting to see the course of a discussion over (extended) time.

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I see @Barry is replying, or was. But 4 years can make a huge difference.

We have the rendering of SketchUp models in 3DW, but that doesn’t stop you from converting that model to whatever you want and displaying however you want. Collada models are displayed in Google Earth, in Preview on a Mac, and I’m sure there are web viewers available. We have a patent on another method: US8614706B2 - Lightweight three-dimensional display - Google Patents and I’m sure there are many more.

Golly I can’t believe I didn’t think of that, thank you!

Next question, then- is there a way to view and configure Dynamic Components and their Options online?
(I’d like potential customers to be able to see the changes as they specify materials, sizes, etc.)

Edit: question clarity

Are you saying you’re working on this functionality?

Sure, four years can make a huge difference. /Shrug :slight_smile: I worked at a company which had a custom forum system that was introduced around 1982. Some topics were alive, periodically, for 20 years. I even contributed to some topics across that span of time. Was pretty cool, actually.

(I accidentally replied initially to Barry, then realized I meant to direct this to one of Box’s replies.)

The Orbital Imaging Plugin is to be implemented in the 3D Warehouse, soon, I guess.:smiley:
4 years is long, 11 even longer and though all good things come to an end, truly good things pop up eventually.
The closest thing I can come up with is Enscape with the live sync view…
Allthough it can display only the stages, not the animation itself…

I wasnt aware that Enscape has a browser implementation? The last time I spoke to them it was only desktop based (excellent though it is)

Yes you can create a browser standalone:

Will check it out :grin:

There is a webgl exporter in the extension warehouse. That exporter generates a standalone .html that can be uploaded directly to your web server.