Standalone from SketchUp model

This is my first post on this community.
I am preparing one 3D model simulation using Sketchup in which my front face will be the 3D model and calculation part will be done by some other software.
I need some way to use 3D model as standalone application so i can call the functions using API.
Is there any other way to integrate 3D model with other application.
I am going to use Labview software for calculation part.
Please let me know if any other information required from my side.

What do you mean by “calculation”?

I meant …
A simulator of some process, in which appearance (Front face) will be in 3D and calculation (Mathematical part) will be done by other software. so i want to integrate both of them together.

You can create the model itself in SketchUp, but if you want the webpage users to alter the drawn geometry, there is no direct way of doing that. They need to have SketchUp, as well.
You can set it up as some sort of ‘configurator’ but is has to be done before, using Scenes and or Layers.
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If you will be doing in web environment then model in SketchUp then export to glTF format with the glTF exporter extension. Then use publicly available WebGL javascript libraries.

I believe TS means that the geometry will be calculated elsewhere and that sketchup will be used as a viewer to view the result, whether or not in real time.

That is possible, but depends on the exact needs. Is sketchup needed for something else than just viewing? Do you need .skp files in the end?

Hello All,
Thank you for your help.
I think below image can give you clarity that what i want.

So my expectation is to generate some file or web page, which can be use without sketchup software to explore it like viewing and zooming and all (Just like sketchup web based 3D viewer).
And would be great if i got those API’s so i can edit the field with the help of my Labview Program.

Still i can describe more in case things are not clear.

Thank you

May be this link would also be helpful to understand .

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I see.
Interesting project. What you want is to view data about an object on the 3d “digital twin” of that object.

This can be done in sketchup, or in any other viewer. My guess would be that an online viewer is preferred because you can then access your data and model from anywhere.

Not sure if such a tool exists already. But, what doesn’t exist yet can be built, right? :slight_smile:

I have found one thread on community.

Is it possible to export 3D model to standalone EXE in pro ? May be this can help me if i some how i could export it and find its API functions.

Thank you

Hello Dan,
Can explain it in detail.
Where i should get this extension and after that how can i use this make standalone page.
Any tutorial would be helpful.

Thank you

The glTF export extension is in the Trimble Extension Warehouse.

This is very involved, You need web design experience both HTML and Javascript.

No sorry it would take several books. You’ll likely need to hire someone like Ken.

To use SketchUp APIs outside of the SketchUp application, you’ll need to use the C SDK and be very good at C programming.

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