Can we integrate sketch up model in Three.js?

how to integrate sketchup model in to Three.js ? is it possible?

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I suspect the answer is no because there is a lot of proprietary underpinning to make SketchUp work. But what is your goal? SketchUp Free is already a web app.

Actually, I think some have already done this.

three.js can load both OBJ and glTF (a custom JSON format) files, and there are SketchUp exporters for both formats.

SketchUp exporters:


my goal is to include 3d model configurator into my web application so that i can change the model property and save its state

Do sketchup provide Api to edit model in react.js so that we can update the model from front end ?

Might I ask: What is or are the Three,js?

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Note this is a thread in the Developer category, a section where some things may not be immediately understandable.

Not that I know of. At least not in skp format.

There is a TrimBIM (.trb) format that Trimble Connect uses, but I do not know if this format has a public API. SketchUp 2023 can natively export .trb format.

Anyway, … back to Three.js, … it is a JavaScript API library that has all the model editing and geometry creation needed to edit model data in it’s internal format. So any skp or obj API would not work anyway. Let me emphasize this. Three.js uses it’s own internal data format, and it (Three.js) is the API for working with this internal model data.

It does not matter how the model data gets into Three.js, … whether via OBJ or glTF export from SketchUp & import into Three.js, … or via direct serialization using one of SketchUp’s APIs. Once internal to Three.js, you use the Three.js API.