Models in WebGL

Does anyone publish their models in a WebGL format?

If so, what software do you use to generate the WebGL?

I use SketchUp models in Unity, which can publish to WebGL, but it’s probably extreme overkill.

Many people use three.js to view OBJ. See this article:

Check these plugins: T2H EXPORT WEBGL and WebGL Cubic Panorama

I see that those both use three.js too, but at least would save you the trouble of export OBJ, and might be better for Make users.

I was wondering if there was something that works similar to SimLab?

I’ve just now submitted my glTF exporter to the Extension Warehouse, it may take a while for it to be approved, so I will post again once it is on the site. Most importantly, it is a free extension.

glTF is supported by Cesium, three.js, BabylonJS, PEX, geogl, a-frame, and others.
The extension will also export the binary-glTF format (.glb), and Microsoft Paint 3D will import that format.

I will keep my eye open for this.

I have been trying SimLab for generating WebGL files. It has some very strong features for allowing interaction with the model both externally from buttons and etc. as well as in the model itself via clicking on items within the model.

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