Question on how to load a model onto a GL Canvas

I’m experimenting. I am a hobbyist developer and I want to use SketchUp to create some models that I can place on a GL Canvas. I am having trouble figuring out how to actually add a model to the gl canvas in my programming environment. Do you do it with one of the .obj files. Do you add a base model and then add .mtl? Sorry for the rudimentary question.

What is GL Canvas?


Export the model in GL Transmission Format (glTF).

Some WebGL engines do support OBJ format, but I would recommend GL Transmission Format, as it preserves the object hierarchy and is a lot more compact as the geometry data is stored in binary form.

Download the glTF exporter from the SketchUp extension warehouse:

There is an existing WebGL page here for viewing the models.

Details on glTF are here:
Follow the links for source code on github.e.g:

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