How to display sketchup model with three.js

how to display sketchup model with three.js, and remove and replace component in web browser? The sketchup team can open the javascript api ?

You need to find a file format that SketchUp can export and three.js can read.

In SketchUp Make, you have for example the option to export as .dae (Collada). In SketchUp Pro, you can also export as .obj. Also there are extensions to export to more formats. And apart from three.js’s default format, there are additional file reader extensions.

There is no JavaScript API. :thinking:

are there some instructions about sketchup file format. so the third developers can convert skp to other 3d file by tools instead of sketchup extension.

You will need to use the C API to convert SKP to other formats.

Download the SDK (bottom of page).

If the links at the bottom of the above page, do not work …
You may need to register as a developer first.

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Thank you for your answer.

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