SketchUp extensions question - skp to 3dm

Is there anyone who knows if there are extensions in SketchUp that can convert .skp files to .3dm format?

well an extension I don’t know , but a software yes…

rhino itself.

rhino can open skp files.
check this older thread

Thanks, I only just want to use an extension do this. :grinning:

Such an extension doesn’t exist. And the Web version of SketchUp you are using doesn’t support extensions anyway.
Note too that if you need to create NURBS or quad surfaces for Rhino, that cannot be achieved in SketchUp as it is a pure face modeller.

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Thanks Anssi. That is to say, the model created by SketchUp is mesh format. I just curious how to convert this in Rhino…, since the Rhino can convert skp file to 3dm, why extension can not achieve this?

There could be many reasons for not having such an extension. For example, no one has decided to devote time and resources deal with interoperability issues to write it, because there is no significant interest in it, because Rhino reads and writes SketchUp file formats up to the version of 2021…

Personally, I don’t understand why you insist on the existence of this extension …



Hmm, if there is such an extensions I can use it :grinning:

Thanks kabakak, the tool is really awsome. But I want to one tool it can convert skp/3ds to 3dm actually.

No, there is no such an extensions. But you are free to write one, all necessary tools are available to use. :wink:
Rhino - The openNURBS Initiative (
SketchUp C API: SketchUp C API
File: SketchUp Ruby API — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation

It’s not what @steven123 is asking for. It converts Rhino files to an older version format. It doesn’t open SketchUp files.

Thanks Dezmo. I will try it. :grinning:

Hello, dezmo. I found an interesting thing, chatGPT told me Tansmutr can convert skp to 3dm. But I tried to install Transmutr and could not find export 3dm item…

ok, once more for the ones in the back.

chatGPT is a moron.

if you check the website, at the bottom you can search for terms, and searching for 3dm or thino only brings up a thread from 2019 where people ask for the same as you do.

on the other hand, a GOOGLE search gives you this

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Rhino reads and writes SU files up to SU19 SU21. so if you want a rhino file, open the SU file in rhino, and save it as 3dm

you also find this video

ChatGPT is unabashed in lying.

It’s up to you whether you trust your own experience or your fellow forum members, or rather a machine whose true intelligence is less than that of a monkey or a crow.

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Actually, Rhino supports the current SketchUp format (2021)

I know, I told them twice, but it’s not enough apparently…
(the link I gave was older, it only mentioned 2019, but yeah, 21+ is fine)

also, I edited the name and category of the thread so it reflects the actual question a bit better


The easiest solution today is to open the SketchUp model in Rhino and save it as 3DM. Rhino has a 90-days free trial.

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I’m not sure if “versionless” means the same to third-party programs as it does to Sketchup. :thinking:
Actually the current version is 2024.0…; or it depends in which version/release you saved. So, there are skp file version 2022.x.y, 2023.x.y as well.
Perhaps you can check if Rhino really can import skp file saved in SU2024 ? :thinking:

Thanks everybody’s response. Actually I have already import skp file into Rhino and export to 3dm by manually.

I am just searching one way whether SU’s extensions can help archive it.
So far, I am very sure there is not any extension can do it. :wink: