Show glb file on web page

I am having problems showing a glb file on a web page. Hoping someone can give me advice how to accomplish it. I looked at some tutorials about how to use model-viewer but my page comes up blank.

I finally got my file to show up but I cannot rotate, pan or zoom it. When I look at the page describing the model viewer and drag my file to their web site it works fine. There is then a link to download the file(s). I try running the code on my laptop and that is when I have the problem

It looks like the glb file format coul be a good asset for showing something like products on a web page in a 3D/AR format.

Again hope someone might be able to provide me some feedback on how to do something like this. I think it would be neat to be able to present a simple way to view a SketchUp model in an interactive format on a web page.

I think that I have now discovered that for this to work you need a web server with three.js installed. I do not think I can do it on my laptop and I do not have access to a web server anywhere. Just to share what I am thinking. I have added an image of a possible web page that shows what is in the back of my mind. :smile: