Show Font Right Click Dialog Help

Have a question.

Mac user.

To make alterations to fonts in Layout, I have to create a text box and from within it right click to get the dialog menu. There is a attribute called “Show Fonts”. Clicking on this brings up the Font selection and manipulation dialog box. I was wondering if there is a keyboard shortcut path to this dialog box so I don’t have to go thru all the mouse clicks?

I go to window>show fonts and leave it open all the time.

As @MikeWayzovski says you can set a shortcut.

You can set a shortcut, I guess, since there is an icon for it, to. Activate the Text tool, then Look for Show fonts in the Preferences

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As with most Mac apps, Command-T will show or hide the Fonts palette.

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it actually shows up in Preferences under Shortcuts as “Window/Show Fonts”. Didn’t know about the command F. That’s the one I needed.

thanks everyone