Mac Font Picker Dialog missing style options, e.g. underline, color, align, etc


Here’s my font dialog box (Sketchup Make for Mac 15.3.329)…

How do I get the complete set of style options?


I don’t think other style options are available via SketchUp’s font dialog on the Mac. Color you can get by applying a material to the text after placing it, but it seems the only typeface options supported are regular, italic, bold, and bold italic (and which of these are offered varies by family).


Yup, the question of SketchUp’s text capabilities was answered by our founder, who then developed LayOut, where you can make things look really good with all the capabilities you’d expect in a 2D app with 3D capabilities. We do have issues filed to fix some things up, but when you can do it in LayOut, that work doesn’t have numero uno priority.