Show back edges

How do I show back edges in sketchup for schools/free?

I don’t think you can, but you have xray available in default styles

Good call, and snapping seems to work. Looks like this:

What is the best way to make hidden lines for a multiview drawing?

shortcut key [K] should toggle back edges on/off

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To repeat @Wo3Dan, just toggle them on and off with the k key same as in normal sketchup.

Huh, when I first tried that, it wasn’t working (simply started typing in the browser’s search box instead), but now I see it working in both versions.

Thank You! So simple. I guess I should look up all sketchup keyboard

Notice that only 2 of the styles (so far) have ‘X-Ray’

I deleted a post earlier, but I did confirm that you can create custom styles in regular SketchUp and then up load the file to the browser version where those custom styles will now be available. I suppose the question is, if you have a regular version of SU, why use the browser version.

Could you explain or link to an explanation of how a user uploads a ?

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Please don’t bury unrelated questions in what is basically an answered thread.
Start a new thread for your question and try to make it clearer. As it is I don’t understand what you are asking.

Because my students have chromebooks

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