What else is missing from SUF

Finally got to point where I could try out SketchUp Free, and I can’t find the hide tool or the xray tool, did I just miss them or they don’t exist?

Is there a list of tools that are left out of free?

You can open the context menu (right click) and select “Hide”. You can also open the display tab and check to display hidden objects. select the hidden object and then right click and "unhide"
The undo function (ctrl-z) still functions.
X-ray hasn’t been deployed yet.

Hide is in the right-click menu. I don’t think x-ray mode is available yet, I can’t find it. This seems like something that could be added, but maybe not. Turning on x-ray can really slow down SketchUp Make / Pro. Free has worse performance than Make/Pro so this might be why it is not available.

You might get updates on the blog but there’s only one so far

It would be nice if there was a simple blog just for SketchUp Free telling us when they’ve added something or moved the buttons around.

Thanks! I knew I must have missed it. With hide available x-ray isn’t that important to me.

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