Should I buy Pro or just use Make?

I am a hobbyist woodworker who makes ~$10,000 a year on side jobs that consist of cabinets, built-in bookshelves, decks, porch swings etc. I just found out about Sketchup recently, downloaded 2017 and it is very neat software. My question is, is there anything in Pro that I would miss out on if I just used Make during my journey as a hobbyist?
I can get it for $49 because my wife is a student…if that makes a difference.

Basically, if you use SketchUp in your business, you have to have Pro (or Shop, the paid version of the Web application).

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This indicates that despite calling yourself a hobbyist woodworker, you are doing it commercially and as Anssi wrote, you would nee d to be using SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop. With SketchUp Make the key thing you are missing is a license that allows you to use it commercially.

Very likely SketchUp Pro would be your better choice. You would have a variety of export options such as .dxf and .dwg which would be useful for CNC and other work. You would also be able to use a variety of extensions for everything from modeling to output. Maybe cutlists would be useful, for example. You would also have LayOut which is excellent for creating documents to show your project to your clients as wll as plans and full size patterns for your own use as well as CAD output for use in other applications.

As for using an educational license, you should check that. Last I knew the educational license didn’t permit commercial use, either.

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