Should I always mentioned the creators of a model from Warehouse?

Hello everybody.

I’ve been looking for a forum to find any answer to my question, but I haven´t.

I am an student and in this semester the project was to create the Urban Structure of a section of the city reserved for urbanization, in my country we name it “Plan Parcial” or Partial Plan. So, we should to make a project that include parks, roads, blocks, etc. We did not have to create buildings. But, our teacher told us we should to make an ambient of the urban spaces.

The thing is that we used several models of diferent types of buildings from the Warehouse, of course, we did not get the credits, because we did not do it, and we said it in the oral presentation. But today, the teacher want to accuse us of fraud, he said that we present it as our creation, but that is not true.

Our mistake was not writing the names of the authors, but we mentioned that those models weren’t our creation and were just examples of the buildings that could be development in our Urban Structure.

And of course these buildings were not going to be evaluated, we used them just to make the ambient and as examples.

Please, somebody. Give me an advice. How can we defend our posture? Are the models of the warehouse totally free or should we always mencioned the authors of the models that I use???

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