Share a model on the Warehouse that includes someone else's component

I am working on a model of a chandelier. Because I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I am incorporating a light bulb that I downloaded from the 3D Warehouse as a component. When my model is finished I’d like to upload it to the Warehouse, but I feel that I need to credit the person who created the light bulb. What’s the proper etiquette?


You could give credit for the lightbulb in the description. It seems like the right thing to do although I expect a large majority wouldn’t do it. The author of the component may already be identified if you look at the component’s description.

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I love the fact that you are actually looking into this for “proper etiquette”. As a lot of models in 3D warehouse is certainly missing that courtesy as Dave said.

To be precise, if the author has claimed the credit with their account, it would be included in Model Info > Credit

But having their model name, and link in the description would certainly be helpful.

Thank you for showing how to claim credit in the model info–I need to go back and do this for all my models!

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Learn something new every day. Thanks for the explanation on credits–I’ve
had to go back and make sure my own models list me as the author. Having a
bit of trouble getting my name on *components, *but I found some threads
that address that.

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