Claiming credits without using 3DWH

Hi folks.
Anybody know how to claim credits for individual components within a model?

I have created a large project (dozens of unique components) and need to send it to a client, but want to put my name associated to all the components I created. (without opening them indivudally and re-loading back into the model!)


I think it’s a (hidden) attribute that could be inspected and edited by @Aerilius Attribute inspector:

I checked, we are not allowed to create or edit GSU_ContributorsInfo, so ‘no go’…

Save the collection somewhere, open each component file , claim credit in Window->Model Info->Credits
Then save the file.
(be sure to be logged in with the right account)

If you happen to have a 3D Warehouse account that has been ‘Verified’ as manufacturer, you could have done it with the bulk-manager…

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