Default Model Credit on Desktop

This is a bit of an aesthetic concern, but, I became used to seeing my name attached to every component I create in the web version components drawer. I just like seeing it. I spent a lot of minutes trying to force Desktop to do the same thing via Save as Template. It doesn’t seem possible.

It’s also a functional concern, in that components created in Desktop apparently cannot be assigned authorship either until they are published, or copied to a new model, claiming credit and saving, and then importing into your working model? Though I imagine sharing a file with TC might somehow push authorship to components, but I don’t know.

Moreover, it seems like the Model Credit setting is totally pointless except to assign credits to components during publishing? (It doesn’t assign credit to components created within the working model, as already mentioned.)

I see no function gained by not following the Web behavior of assigning credit to all components by default. Moreover, it seems that the behavior in Desktop is some holdover from before before collaboration/publishing features were finalized. Component credits should be fully incorporated in Desktop by now.

You can claim credits for the model if you:
a. Have altered it
b. Are logged in with a Trimble ID

It is done in [menu] Window > Model Info > Credits

see the Help Page:

Since Components are just ‘little SketchUp Models’ this is how you would claim credit for Components:

Create a component, rightclick and ‘Save As’ somewhere,.
Open that file, draw an edge, erase it and claim credit.

As the help page states, no real ‘Digital Rights Management’ feature and it is a bit outdated, I agree upon.
IMO, if the web (or desktop) version was able to ‘Save As’ Components, It should automatically assign the Trimble ID to the Definition_set ( Advanced Attributes in the Desktop version)
Any instance could than be ‘Owned by’ anyone else