Component browser lists compoents as "By Unknown"

If I set component browser to display “details” the components I’ve created show as “By unknown”. How do I change that?

Hi Barry,

To be clear, allow me to restate your observation…
If you set the Components Browser to ‘In Model’ and display “details” the components you’ve created in the model (Internal Component) show as “Author(s): Unknown”.

That’s normal behavior.
There’s a trick to work around a long standing bug, err ‘feature’, to claim credit for components.

To claim credit…
Right context click on the component in the model > Save as …
Thereby saving the component .skp file to a local directory.

Then, browse to the directory and open the component .skp file.
Click … Window > Model Info > Credits and notice the ‘Claim Credit’ button is grayed out.
What to do?

Simply draw a bit of geometry, say, a single edge, somewhere in the model space.
You’ll see the ‘Claim Credit’ button instantly becomes active.
Presuming you’re signed in to SU, click the ‘Claim Credit’ button, erase the edge, save the file and exit.

Now bring that component into a model from your local collection.
The component definition then appears in Model Info > Credits > Component Authors(s)

More here…