I'm flummoxed and stumped - Component Ownership


10 minutes ago I would have sworn there is a way to “take ownership” of a component - and that this “ownership” attribute would persist once I upload it to the 3D warehouse such that, when somebody else uses it, the “ownership” is attributed to me - and they can’t alter it!

I even recall seeing “Unknown” for this attribute in the last half hour!

Now? I’ve got a component I want to upload to the 3DW, but I can’t find where to set this!

Am I fantasizing that this even exists?



I knew I saw something about ownership! See:

OK. This is about “Credit” - not “Ownership”. Minds can do strange things!


Wouldn’t that be something!
Imagine uploading your entire model as a component with ownership “attached” to it. So you would be able to share locked models. Somethink that has been requested many times. Too good to be true.


I’m actually more interested in attribution than in outright ownership. Given that, I’d love a way to share 3DW content with selected people I choose and not the general public.

And Yes, I know that can be done with Trimble Connect.


Using the Credits Feature — SketchUp Help

You’ll also find the Claim Credit method described above in Scene 9 of this SketchUp tutorial model.


Save the component (save as), open that file, make some edit and undo, and claim credit.
Save the file.


Eureka! I wasn’t hallucinating!

Thanks to @Geo who was first with the solution. Honorable mention to @MikeWayzovski whose explanation saved me from downloading the tutorial to get to the answer.


Ah, you did not notice the name of the panel you were on. :wink:


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