Shortcuts (Issues since Latest Update)

Since the lastest update I am experiencing the following issues.

Page Up and Page Down shortcuts to quickly flip through scenes pages up and down in tool trays unless you click on a blank portion of the screen.

Shortcut “u” used to Update Scene will not work unless you click on a blank portion of the screen before attempting to use it.

Esc key used to be my default to get to Select tool and cancel any tool I might have been using, now default is space bar and can’t seem to change that.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

the change to the QT framework in 2023 has led to some keys being not-reassignable.

You’ve been on the forum a while, you know how it works, there is a search took.
(check by relevance, the first 3 threads that’ll pop)

some will apparently be available again in 24. some won’t.

Users should not reassign ESC key.

  • It is used to reset most all native and Ruby tools to their initial state, without changing tool.
  • It cancels a component instance placement from the Components panel.
  • It backs out 1 level from an editing context whilst the Select tool is active.
  • It dismisses most native dialog windows.

Additionally …

ALT+ESC is a Windows system shortcut that cycles between active applications (without showing the jump menu.)

CTRL+ESC is a Windows system shortcut that activates the Start Menu.

Try assigning something like ALT+S.

Space bar has always been the default for select…