Spacebar and escape key doesn’t work


My spacebar is not an escape command anymore. For example if I’m in the move command I could use the space bar to escape the command and go back to the arrow. How do I fix it. Also with the escape key doesn’t seam to be functioning like it did. Again how do I reset the commands.


The spacebar was probably the shortcut for the selection tool, not an extra escape key.
Reset the shortcuts in Window->Preferences->Shortcuts


Space has never meant escape. It is merely the shortcut for Select Tool, in the same way P is the shortcut for Push/Pull tool.

And btw, Esc has never selected Select Tool. It only resets the active tool.


Just to clarify…


Very good, @TheOnlyAaron. That should clarify it.


If there was a UX guideline for plugin developers this should be one of the first points. Several extension developers seem to have misunderstood the relation between tools, and added some sort of ‘exit’ feature, that activates the select tool. Select tool is just another tool; it isn’t fundamentally different from the others.


If a tool relies on a suitable selection being initially present - e.g. a context-menu - or has the user ‘select’ things - then exiting that tool back to the Select tool seems quite logical.

@eneroth3 can you please give some examples where exiting an extension does not warrant ending in the Select tool.
Although thus far I have not expended many brain-cells, I have brought no examples to mind…

Spacebar and escape key
Spacebar and escape key