Shortcut problems in 2023

Skipped 2023, just got a new laptop and so upgraded to 2024.
First, I love SketchUp; switched from ACAD in 2015, and use it professionally.
I upgrade with GREAT trepidation, hoping for fun and useful new changes, of which there are sometimes some, and fearing a sloggy confusing day of not being able to work. But this is different. This is my first upgrade that actually sets me back.
Being left-handed (mouse-wise), the shift and arrow keys form a core of my most important shortcuts (undo, redo, parallel proj./psp, hide rest), and a slew of others. What could possibly be the reasoning for disabling this functionality? Or much more importantly, is there any chance it will return?

Not knowing whether an update will make the program harder to use is a terrible drag.

Despite not following most of what you have typed, it is impossible for you to have upgraded to 2024 as many people have complained, it is yet to be released.

So if you have a real issue try to explain what it is and post images and models.


Supplementing Box’s comment:

…in the SU 2023 version, there are indeed posts on the forum indicating that the shortcut assignment have some bugs. They also indeed indicate that the development team is working on removing these.

Gee Box, that was a sharp response, but I know from your regular posts that that is atypical, so all good.

Forgive me - you are correct. 2023. Switching to a new computer and an upgrade at once induces confusion.

Real issue: As stated (see above), having to re-invent a carefully developed system of shortcuts is hard, especially when I am working in the program every single day. As Dezmo confirmed, it seems to be a real issue. It is great to hear that the arrow and shift keys could once again be available for shortcuts.

When moving from one PC to another you could export the shortcuts from the old one to import into the new one. That would help reduce the work you’d have to do in setting up the new machine. You could copy templates, components, and materials from the one to the other.

Please update your forum profile. It says you’re still using SketchUp 2022. Now you are probab;y using Windows 11 and a different graphics card, as well.

Hi Dave,
Yes, I did export the shortcuts and import to the new one, and copy templates, etc.
The problem is that it is no longer possible to ascribe shortcuts to the shift or arrow keys, which I use heavily.
I will update my profile. I changed over yesterday.

Yep, a bit of the old TLDR (too long didn’t read) and even when you replied I still lost interest when trying to read your original post.

I know I sound like an ■■■■ but I’m just being honest in the tiktok, reels world. You need to be concise and clear. If you lose my interest in the first 10 second there is no way I will bother dragging myself through to the 30 second mark.

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Fair enough. I usually try harder.
We are all so damned imperfect.
You know?

Thanks for sharing this.

Could you explain to us how this used to work, as most of us aren’t lefties. I always figured the arrow keys were reserved to control the X, Y and Z axes.

Edit: Ax

And it will severely restrict use of normal SU “lock to axis” modifiers if you use the arrow keys for anything else.

Might be time to think again about alternative shortcuts instead of the arrow keys.

I had been using these for many years:
Shift-up for toggle psp/parallel projection
Shift down for toggle hide rest of model
Shift left for undo
Shift right for redo
(And they didn’t interfere with locking the XYZ axes)
But I’m trying out some replacements.
It’s gonna be ok.

Are you sure this is removed?

Up to V2021 you can assign e.g. Shift + arrow key for undo. And its works fine without any severely restrict use of normal SU “lock to axis” modifiers.
This you can’t do in V2022 and V2023. I agree this is a bug.

However there is a very good chance that will be repaired in SU2024.

Sorry, I misunderstood- thought you’d assigned plain arrow keys.

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I managed to set a shift-arrow shortcut via System Settings on my Mac. Disabling it seems to be a bit of a challenge though.