Shift & Zoom

I was watching a video on Shift & Zoom function while modeling and tried it out, but don’t know how to undo or go back to the view it was before. Just stays in the panned out view. Can anyone help out?

Viewing a Model | SketchUp Help


are you talking about the field of view ?
to revert, you can pick the zoom tool (default shortcut : z) type 35 and hit enter to go back to the default 35 degrees field of view

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Actions that change the view, as opposed to the content, of a model are not saved as undoable operations. Your choices are to remember what you did and apply the reverse, or to create a scene first with settings to save the camera properties. Return to that scene and your zoom, pan, fov, etc are put back to how they were when you made the scene.

This is the video I was watched. Great information but I wasn’t sure how to switch back to the normal view after using the Zoom & Shift function.

If you know the original field of view (35 by default) you can just type it and hit Enter. If you have a scene saved, you can click that and it will return you to the FOV that was saved in that scene.

Just press Z, type 35 and hit enter.

Do you have this command - Camera > Previous? (I’m on a Mac, not Windows)