Sharing scenes across distinct models

I have a number of complex models composed of many different combinations of dynamic components held in separate models. For continuity with animations built as dubbed movie segments from separate models I need to ensure that the scenes in each model are identical.
The components are continually changing as is the creation of the scenes in order to optimize the animation. So the creation of the components, models, scenes and an evolving dynamic process .
Can I somehow precisely export/import scenes from one model to another?

Maybe this is what you are looking: for Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

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I have purchased and paid for the extension but I am not sure how to install it.

When I try to follow the directions that say to download and install it from inside of SketchUp – click Window > Extension Warehouse > My Extensions

when I click the sign in tab I get the following error…

Unfortunately signing in from within SketchUp very often fails (more often than it succeeds it seems).

These threads contain more info and work arounds for signing in:

I managed to connect by signing in using the icon in the bottom left corner of the main SU window before opening the Extension warehouse. Could then access My Extensions where I could see and managed to install the purchased extension.

Your extension is perfect and does exactly what I want.

thank you

Glad you got it to work! :slight_smile:

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