Authentication error

I’m now getting it on my office pc, running su2015 cannot log into my 3dwh account or extension wherehouse.
I can download from 3dwh but cannot download from ex wh as it asks to login.
I don’t see how we could not have accepted the terms and conditions, it won’t open the program till you do.
Also I’ve been in the 3dwh and ext wh on this software install before.
This seems to new from the end of last week…
I can log in to 3dwh with my google email via internet browser, but it still doesn’t recognize from su directly.
I can log into ext wh directly via internet browser and it shows me as logged in right when it opens.

If you go into ext wh, and try to download a plugin, like the free SketchUp STL, does it ask you to agree to the latest terms & conditions when you start the download of the extension? Does the download start at all?

Terms and Conditions can change slightly (bored lawyers, some new content demands it, etc, etc…). Either way, it’s now fixed, even if you haven’t accepted T&C’s. Logout, log back in, and it works. See Unable to Download STL plugin - #84 by ChrisFullmer

whatever they rolled out didn’t solve it,
This is a pro version, should I submit a tech support request

They is we. Click on the Home. If you’re logged in, log out. Log back in.

If you’re unable to do that, quit SketchUp, go to C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\ and remove cookiejar.xml and session.dat (if they exist). Restart SketchUp, and see if it helps.

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Deleted all copies of SU 2015 and 2016, reloaded SU 2016 and got the the same “Authentication Error!” again this am. jrt

See my steps above. Something’s cached, and you must clear it.

Try running Sketchup as administrator if you’re a Windows user. Deleting the cookiejar didn’t work for me, but running as admin cleared it right up.

.I initially had this problem after downloading and installing the 2016 ver. I deleted that and installed an older ver. which l worked last pm after I cleared up a problem of numerous load errors with the help SU community members. When I reloaded 2016 ver. the problem came right back.
I deleted all copies of SU searched my hard drive for any remaining SU files plus cookiejar.xml and session.dat files I have now loaded an older copy (2014) from the SU website and it is now working fine, and I can now use SU warehouse. 2015, 2014 ver. have worked, 2016 seems to cause problems but I have loaded and deleted so much stuff its hard really say. Thanks for the help. jrt

Note that each version has it’s own cookiejar.xml and session.dat. If you’re having 2016 problems, confirm that you deleted the 2016 files.

here is the solution the pro support came up with :

We have been preforming some maintenance to our login system and are currently working on a fix for this bug. So far the most successful solution has been to log of your Google account out by selecting the icon at the bottom right side of the SketchUp drawing window (see attached photo). Once you are logged out, log back in and then try to access the Extension or 3D Warehouse again and it should allow you to log into your account.

this worked to resolve issue immediately on all copies and versions


same thing!!! for about last month

You’re on Mac? …

PC, win7 , but last time I have that "Authentication Error " a lot …

OK, so did you try what I wrote above: removing cookiejar.xml and session.dat?

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fortunately, for now works ;but thx for that hack ;]

I get the same error almost every time I switch to a different wifi. Same solution as mentioned above by @Rich_E : sign out and back in through the sign in button at the bottom left of the SU screen. Works every time.
(Win 8)

This worked immediately, thanks. FYI logs you out of all of google; not a problem but unexpected.

This worked for me so far… thanks.

Same problem. Tried everything listed above (deleting file etc) didn’t help. It turns to “Authentication Error !” the minute I open sign in window, can’t even check if I was signed in before.