Disabling extension warehouse on older versions

very disappointed when I tried to log into extension warehouse to add some tools into my sketchup version of 2019 and they advise that this has been disabled due to security issues, reading further they have decided that they will not support the 2019 pro version and have cut off the access to the extension warehouse link, not due to security issues but forcing people to upgrade their versions to a subscription.

is there anyway around this ?

Go the the warehouse in a Browser, download what you want, then use Extension Manager to install it.

You can download extensions from the extension warehouse website as well as 3D models from the 3D warehouse website, you can also download the sketchucation store plugin from the sketchucation website install it and download extensions from that store, if you want to use fredo plug-ins you must have installed the latest version of the sketchucation store by the way.
To install a plugin you must go to extension manager and on the bottom left corner you’ll see a button that says install extension, click on it, search the rbz file you downloaded open it and it’s done.
Here are links to the websites.


That’s great,

Thank you so much for all your help. I was under the impression that they were forcing me to upgrade my version of 2019 to the latest version. I cant justify the cost as I don’t use this software as much as I would like.

Thank you so much once again


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