Sharing Private Model

I’m working on my Boy Scout Eagle project which is two large permanent Racoon cages for Wildlife Rehabilitation. I have the model uploaded in to 3D warehouse. When I exit out and sign in with a different Google user name the model does not come up in the search.
How do I determine which Google users can search and have access to the model?

Only the logged in user who posts the model can view it if it is labeled as “Private”. Other users can’t access the model even if you provide the specific url address.

If you want to share your 3D Warehouse model with others, the model must be labeled as “Public”.

Ideally this presents only minor problems, if any, because most users will view that specific model only if searching for it or something similar to it. Now if you have developed a model that impacts national security that’s a bit more serious concern!

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I am sorry. I thought from discussions elsewhere that a private model could be shared with only a specific other 3DW user. (But I might be “getting ahead” of the current features.)

I know the dropbox will let your share specific files or sub-folders with specific people, because I’ve participated in that kind of file exchange.

This is freaking me out because now I wonder why 3DW even has a “Private” mode. Why would anyone want to mark their models as totally private on a model sharing website ?

There is really no need, with Dropbox and other Cloud storage.

3DW needs a “restricted” mode.


I discovered this behavior accidentally after attempting to share a model with a colleague via 3dwh where I had initially uploaded it as private. I eventually edited the model to become public and was able to share it that way without going through a different cloud based server.

This may serve as a strong rationale for having a Pro version of 3dwh, where private models could be shared with select individuals perhaps at a nominal cost. Additionally, this Pro 3dwh could offer the ability to store models that are greater in size than the 50 mb that is currently allowed.

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Yes but you cannot restrict it to only your colleagues.

That is definitely a negative attribute, but based on the lack of expense, it’s one that many can live with.

Thanks, I changed the model to public for my son. That way the beneficiary, my son and myself can all make changes. I’m just trying to figure out the mechanics of keeping track of the changes.
I guess each person will have to keep an edit history in the top right corner of model with their initials and the time it was changed or is that even necessary?
Each person will have to upload the model with a new name and mark as public after revising?

My collaborators use a system where we identify all revisions by author, filename/number and date of revision. This has avoided most of the potential confusion so far.

A typical entry may read as follows:


Participants may also want to take the further step to agree to specifically archive (not delete) certain outdated files to make housekeeping easier.

I think larger file size limits and additional sharing options for SU Pro 3DWH users would definitely enhance the value of a Pro license.

There’s Trimble Connect, but it seems aimed at supporting large enterprises.
I think many SU users just need a way to privately share SKP files without the headache of yet another app.