Private models in the 3dwarehouse

I have dozens of models in the 3dwarehouse, most of them can also be seen in Google Earth.
In the previous version of the 3dwarehouse, I had the option to not allow the models to be downloaded by others, but they could still be seen, with their information in the 3dwarehouse by others.
Now, those models are marked as “private”, and can not be seen by anyone in the 3dwarehouse but me, but still appears in Google Earth.
When clicked upon in google earth by other user than myself, the browser reaches a “no model found” error.

Is there no option of allowing people to see the model info in the warehouse but not allow it to be downloaded?


Hi adarop,

Unfortunately, Google has shut down the user-generated building submission process from 3D Warehouse to Google Earth. Since that is no longer functioning, the use case for models shared privately on 3D Warehouse but publicly on Google Earth is no longer workable.


Thanks john
That’s such a shame! :frowning: