Shapes not forming & filling?


Hi everyone!

Newbie here! First go at using this software, and for what I need it for it is working fine.
I have one snag and it may be because I am not using it properly, but after some help if possible?
I have sketched an MTM fireplace for a design but having problems filling in some side panels and tops of shapes? I have attached a copy of the file the file question.
Just wondered if anyone could explain what is happening or what I have not done correctly for this to happen?

Many Thanks

VHPMelfordPicture.skp (291.0 KB)


In order to get a face to form, the edges surrounding the face must lie on the same plane. Your model the edges done. Notice the variation in the Y and Z coordinates, for example.

Look at the Z-values below.

If you were to draw in diagonals to create triangles, you would get faces however that’s not the cleanest way to go. The best would be to redraw making sure you keep edges on axis as you go.

The other thing you want to get in the habit of is making sure face orientation is correct. The blue indicates the faces are reversed. You should only see white faces once the model is 3D. If you get reversed faces, you can correct them by right clicking on them and selecting Reverse Faces.


Because you have a consistent profile around the fireplace opening, this part of the assembly lends itself perfectly to using Follow Me. First draw your profile for one leg on a ground plane. Then draw, say the internal part of the opening with one side lined up with your profile. Use that as your path and apply Follow Me to the profile. Then just add your mantel shelf and hearth by drawing simple rectangles plus Pus/Pull to give depth.

If you follow this way of drawing something like this, you are unlikely to end up with the problems @DaveR has pointed out.


I haven’t done it to your exact sizes nor bothered with the firebox, but you get the gist.


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