Shape bender for sketchup 2019

Hi, will the shape bender tool be fixed to work with the 2019 version of sketchup? works with 2018 and read it’s not compatible with 2019 but will someone look into this? It’s such a great tool. Thanks

It works fine for me in SU2019.

i’ll try again. it works in my 2018 but not 2019

Did you install it fresh or copy it from 2018?

tried again. didn’t work. i installed it fresh. I actually installed it in 2019 first and then 2018 because it didn’t work. saw a video today and wanted to try. 2018 is great but I like some of the 2019 functions.


Have you installed the latest maintenance release of SU2019?

I have removed the shape bender and reinstall it. still not working. where do I go re: maintenance release?

Did you try doing what TIG suggested in the thread I linked to?

no idea how to do that. i’m ok with creating but not good at modifying or even findings where to do those text changes