Shadows take too long to turn on

Shadow are taking to long to turn on. The file is a big one and even though I erase more than half of the items in model it still takes to long. The only time it takes a long time to turn on the sun is when you have to much items and I usually turn things off with layers and that helps to expedite the process. I would like to get some suggestion on trouble shooting this issue.

What version of SketchUp? What graphics card? Your profile isn’t clear on these things.

In general, though, shadows are a graphics intensive thing so it wouldn’t be unusual to see a delay in shadow display a complex model with complex shadows. A better graphics card could help, simpler models could help.

2019 version and I do have a descent card.

How about correcting your profile. It indicates you are using 2019 Free which doesn’t exist. Are you using the free web version of SketchUp 2019 Pro? I did a search for the graphics card you list (“nvidia quadfour”) No such thing found by Google.

The fact remains, you can simplify the model so the shadows aren’t so complex or you can change the hardware to something that can process the complex shadows faster.

Thanks for trying to rectify this issue. My card is a nvidia quadro m5000. I have been using SketchUp for 14 Years and this is the first time it has had an issue with the shadows previous files have been as intense and complex.

Maybe you should try updating the graphics card drivers. If it used to be no problem before and it is now, you need to look at what has changed. SketchUp 2019 hasn’t changed since last year so it wouldn’t be that.

Thanks for correcting your profile.

How big is the file? Do you have (imported) geolocated components?
Turning of Profiles usually saves some calculating, as well.

Also assess if everything really needs to cast or receive shadows… for exanple small detailed entourage… eg, tap fittings, door handles… vegetation … i usually make sure trees etc do not receive shadows…

PS… also fucus on any curved forms… can quickly ramp up face counts. And shadow calculation times