Shadows not showing

I cannot get shadows to show.

without your model , it’s hard to say what the issue may be, but here’s a couple that spring tp mind…


Thanks for the reply John. Where is this dialogue box. I can’t seem to find it.

if you notice in my gif the spectacles :eyeglasses: are highlighted…

that’s where they live…


Yes I did notice the spectacles however I do not seem to have this icon.

What version of sketchup are you using.
You said web in your profile but you posted in sketchup desktop, so I moved it to web.
Please clarify and try to give a bit more information in your questions.
Even a screenshot would tell so much more that ‘I can’t get shadows to show’!

Sorry posted in wrong forum - it’s Sketchup Pro

Then it is the Default tray and called shadows.

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Yes thought so but I have applied shadows on faces and on ground. The model is geolocated. I have gone into entity info and toggled the cast shadows icon. some of the entities/components are casting shadows but not all.
Is there a way to send the model

Ah I have just made visible the top layer and suddenly the shadows are there. However I now have a different problem. I now have a second shadow floating above the real shadow. I think its something to do with the location snapshot layer that is hidden but still receiving shadows

Untick, On Ground.

Brilliant - thanks

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